Delightful Régine

Tante Régine is an imaginary persona inspired by the ideal of a loving, doting aunt who always embraces you with open arms and, above all, never lets you leave with an empty stomach. To spoil and pamper you, everything is prepared on the premises—the cinnamon buns, scones, ham on the bone, baked beans—you name it. And we never compromise on quality.


Wall to wall pastries

No matter the time of day, the aroma of homemade baked goods wafts through the dining area. Buns, scones and rolls are all lovingly prepared on the premises. Our cakes now set the standard for fine dining, alongside Régine’s traditional favourites—the chocolate fudge brownie and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.


For chocoholics only!

All fabricated from pieces of real chocolate : A rich, creamy concotion made with 38% milk chocolate, our second option made with 70% chocolate to bring out the more intense notes... If you are hankering for more exotic flavours, we suggest the spicy house hot chocolate and for aficionados of white chocolate, we offer a steaming vanilla-flavoured libation.


Say bye-bye to peanut butter!

To satisfy your sweeth tooth, try our ode to Nutella—a delightful pairing of quality dark chocolate with hazelnut paste. And a word of warning: our peanut crunch with crispy pralines can be habit-forming!


Busy little fingers!

Children breathe life into everything and we adore them. High chairs, booster seats, colouring books and crayons, change table, and self-serve microwave oven—these are the little details we’ve thought of to make your family outings easier. We also offer a special kids menu for $6.95 (beverage included).


To good food!

Whether your morning routine starts with a bowl of latté or a glass of juice, you will find whatever your heart desires at Régine Café! Your brunch will get a kick-start with a complimentary morning shooter, our orange juice is freshy squeezed every morning and our original house Pear and Raspberry Cocktail can be savoured as an equally scrumptious smoothie.